"...a weird and wonderful dream."

"The set, by Verity Quinn, is sturdy and atmospheric, built around a movable archway and a solid barn wall, shafts of golden light seeping between the sturdy planks to occasionally beautiful, occasionally oppressive effect."

"superbly staged by Verity Quinn"

"...intensely voyeuristic… full of smart symbolism"
Alpha Beta, Matt Trueman - WhatsOnStage
"expert storytelling, exciting and clever design...Verity Quinn’s magical design"

“In effect this one woman show, aimed at over 4s, is a two-hander with Verity Quinn’s witty set as the second actor.”
Dora, The Stage

"Verity Quinn's vibrant set is made up of a series of neon frames, which are easily manipulated to create bright new spaces. It fizzes with dramatic potential and comes to life during the night-time scene, as Michael creeps about his home. 

"...impressively claustrophobic...courageous and clever staging"
Alpha Beta, LondonTheatre1

"...the attention to detail, the control, and more than anything else the set, which is outstanding, grips from first to last.”  
The Trial, The Stage
"Verity Quinn’s pristine white set....[Alpha Beta] is as shocking as anything on the London stage since the audience, seated in the midst of the action, become helpless witnesses to a violently disintegrating marriage."
Alpha Beta, The Guardian
"Verity Quinn’s set has an abstract and dreamy feel: the sprawling sandpit is overlooked by a huge, draped white sheet, which reflects the undulating colours of the sky."

"Verity Quinn’s modular set is entertaining in itself, folding and unfolding ingeniously to evoke different parts of Michael’s world"

"The stage design is elegantly simple and the overall aesthetic of the show, from costume to chocolate cake, is bold, bright and 100% Michael."

"The narrative in this wordless production is largely told through Verity Quinn’s set design, with one woman’s courageous journey depicted through the transformation of the space... The set continues to reveal secrets and surprises once the woman reaches an island, as she finds the natural resources with which she can begin to rebuild her life...ingenious set

"The set design is delightful; thoughtful details in the Clocks’ family home beneath the floorboards like a sewing pin ladder are one instance of the great care and creativity with which this story is told."

“...the sets themselves are worth it. Each small room is meticulously crafted.” 
The Trial, WhatsOnStage

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